Karin Butt, Secretary

Building upon more than twenty years of experience in teaching, Karin is our expert in teaching, organising educational institutions and coaching of teachers. She has been leading elementary school in Germany for 10 years, where she held responsibility for directing and coordinating educational, administrative, and counselling activities. Her areas of work include the development and evaluation of educational programs to ensure conformance to state and school board standards, as well as working with teachers on improving their performance and with students and parents on educational and behavioural issues. Currently she is acting as an educational advisor for private elementary schools in Berlin. An eye-opening experience which changed her way of motivating people was a seminar on Inner Game Coaching with Christian Maier. Through her interest in Tango music she has also become an enthusiastic Tango dancer, which influences her view of life and work in the way Ricardo Vidort has put it: When you dance Tango, you must give everything. If you can't do that, don't dance!
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Shamsuddin Butt, Director

Starting as a psychologist, Shamsudddin has spent more than 20 years designing, developing and testing software. Although this work was as technical as inventing a new programming language in the early 90ies and reviewing specifications and developing test-strategies around PKI-based secure communication protocols from 2008 to 2010, his psychology background has always made him think of the people coming first. One special challenge in user-interface-design was to develop a prototype kiosk-terminal for the German health-sector, demanding accessibility for people with major sensor and motor disabilities. Having seen many projects and having been in leadership roles as project manager, manager of development departments and startup-company director he is well-acquainted with the difficult task of leadership, especially in the still somewhat chaotic field of software development. A Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Development, where he learned from British star-coaches Sue Slocombe and Charles Brook, served as a freshen-up of psychological skills after years of software development and provided a lot of interesting new insights and skills. His passion for Argentine Tango made him think about using it's subtle wisdom about human contact for people oriented work outside the dance floor.
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