Tangelligence Workshops

Follow us to explore the secrets of leading and following which have developed within over a century of Argentine Tango dancing. Learn how to apply Tangelligence to typical situations at work, at sports or at home.
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Coaching services for development teams

When coaching IT-teams we tailor our services to our customer's needs. One or more of the following is available: Interested? Request more information

Individual coaching for teamleaders

Leading a team in the IT sector be a very challenging task, especially if you come from a technical background and have little to no experience in leading people. Spare yourself the typical disappointments like: disengaged co-workers, unsatisfied customers or bosses, lack of control over scope and schedule, etc. Profit from our >20 years of experience in the IT sector and learn how to use your potential and that of everybody else by having a coach on your side. Interested? Request more information

Other services around software development

Having worked in the IT for over 15 years, we also offer classical services around development, including: Interested? Request more information